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Charles Darwin and Human Evolution in Intelligence Essay examples

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The great and famous Charles Darwin is still remembered today after almost 2 centuries had passed. He was one of the most significant scientists to change how we view this world. Life, as we know it, was changed by Charles Darwin. But I don’t believe that looking at the present will help in any way so I will take back to the past. It is a fact that throughout history people have always believed in some sort of god. Some religions were weak and have come and gone, where others have come and stayed. Many historic wars were fought for a god. So I believe it is safe to say that religion was the most important thing in life for everyday people. Then comes the renaissance, a time of successful new art, science and new ideas. Humans came out of the middle ages with the ability to further their knowledge. Now that mankind are thinking for themselves, god is being pushed more and more to the side. The belief that there was a god became more and more a theory. I believe that in the future people will put away the idea of religion completely due to the fact that they believe it was only needed for those whose thinking was limited to a certain idea. I agree that the theory of evolution is as much theory as is the theory of gravity. Even today some scholars and scientists argue and debate on the theory of evolution. However, evolution is the required force holding all the biological research. Firstly, evolution has been observed and the idea of analogous structure. Secondly, the idea of homologous structures; and the difference between analogous and homologous structures. And lastly, the obvious, general human intelligence has evolved.

Some human characteristics are analogous, which means that they serve the same function in different ...

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...t the Earth, but rather our galaxy revolves around the sun. This is common knowledge, widely accepted. Also that micro-evolution is happening all around us. Most critics say that evolution didn’t happen because there is no evidence of macro-evolution. Although there is evidence of micro-evolution there is only little evidence of macro-evolution. For example, if you were to find an apple seed would you be able to confirm that apples exist or would you say we have only seen the smaller picture. We haven’t seen the bigger picture meaning there is no apples. Even if there is only one seed that is sufficient enough to say we have evidence. Again confusion is involved in critics who say that evolution has not been proven; proof is only possible in logic and math’s, not science, so this is obviously true, and no more an argument against evolution than calling it a theory.

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