Charity Water : A Non Profit Organization Essay

Charity Water : A Non Profit Organization Essay

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As a non-profit organization, Charity-water provides water to the people in developing countries as a focus of their work. To prove that that what they are doing give a positive impact to the community, their impact can be measured with the 7 principles of SROI.

1. Involve stakeholders: B
The organization have to ensure that their stakeholders are kept informed in what they are doing, as they have to prove to their donors that they know what the organization is doing. They give a report to the stakeholders on how they do the operations, from finding the locations and why they choose that particular location. In their website the organization explains how and why they choose a certain location. Even though it will be difficult that the decision of choosing will need to be made by all the stakeholders, but it will be enough just to inform the reason on why the organization chooses that particular location. Furthermore, the organization also involves the community in working together in order to develop solutions in making sure that the water will be sustainable. The involvement of their staff in having the experience to witness their work directly by going to a selected location gives them the sense of how the local community has dealt with the situation. In addition, this experience can make them want to do more in order to do the right thing.

2. Understand what changes: B
Bringing clean water to a different location in developing countries has many challenges; this is why the organization has to build a good relationship with the local community. In this case, with bringing new technology to the community, it will bring positive and negative impact. It is important to the organization to know how the community and their cu...

... middle of paper ...

...urthermore, there is no data about how many pumps can still be used these past years, and how they maintain to keep these pumps always available for the community. In addition, there is also some concern that their mission does not only provide access to clean water, but they offer a religious message to the community. This will concern some of the donors who don’t want to be involved into multiple missions.
7. Verify the result: C
There is some concern about charity water’s lack of organizational accountability, it should be clear on who is responsible for a certain task and who is the decision maker. Another concern is how they choose the location and how they deal with the government in making their decisions. At the end Charity water needs to provide more information about the important details such as how clean water can help the economy, health and education.

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