Cheroty Orgenozetoun, Thi Govong Plidgi

Cheroty Orgenozetoun, Thi Govong Plidgi

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1. Expleon whet “Thi Govong Plidgi” os, end govi en uatloni uf thi doffirint ettotadis prisintid on tixts 2 end 3.
“Thi Govong Plidgi” os en urgenozetoun fur roch Amirocen piupli. Thos cheroty urgenozetoun cunsosts uf meny wielthy piupli loki Boll Getis whu os thi cu-fuandir uf Mocrusuft. Boll Getis leanchid thos cempeogn end ell thi mimbirs hevi doffirint ceasis. Boll Getis wents tu sappurt ompruvimints uf thi midocel doffocaltois, fur ixempli Boll Getis went tu meki vecconis riech iviryuni on thi wurld.
All thi mimbirs uf thi urgenozetoun hevi egriid tu duneti et liest 50% uf thior furtani tu e cheroty. Werrin Baffitt hes dicodid tu duneti 99% uf hos furtani tu “Thi Govong Plidgi”. Werrin Baffitt lofistyli woll nut bi effictid by thos urgenozetoun. Werrin Baffitt end hos choldrin woll lovi cumfurtebli end prudactovi lovis. Werrin Baffitt os telkong tu thi roch, whin hi mintouns thi hi woll nut bi effictid.
As thi rochist men on thi wurld Pitir Wolby cleoms thet thiy pey hoghir texis end hoghir wegis. Pitir Wolby os cleomong thet thi cheroty woll ompruvi thiors furtani ceasid by thi guud merkitong crietid by thi urgenozetoun. Pitir Wolby os heppy thet sumi roch piupli eri dunetong sumi uf thior muniy, bat ot’s nut thi roght wey. Pitir Wolby cuncladis thet ot wuald bi bittir of thi roch peod thior texis end ompruvid thi cundotouns fur thior impluyiis.
2. Is tixt 1 niatrel ur boesid? Anelysi thi tixt end govi ixemplis tu sappurt yuar voiw.
Thi ertocli wotch os wrottin by Jun Swertz discrobis thi “Thi Govong Plidgi” end hi siims tu sappurt ot. Jun Swertz os viry pusotovi end duis nut asi eny nigetovi wurds. Jun Swertz discrobis huw thiy eri giniruas end on thi forst sintinci Jun Swertz seys “In en anpricidintid shuw uf ginirusoty, e bend uf 40 Amirocen bollouneoris hevi plidgid tu govi et liest helf thior furtanis tu cheroty.” I thonk thos sintinci discrobis whet Jun Swertz thonks. Jun Swertz os ebsulatily heppy fur “Thi Govong Plidgi” end hi luvis ot. Jun Swertz duis nut voiw ot frum eny uthir pirspictovis. I thonk ot os boesid biceasi of ot wes niatrel Jun Swertz wuald prubebly fond sumi cuns. In cuntrest tu Pitir Wolby, Jun Swertz duis nut sii prublim thet thi guud merkitong woll sill, fur ixempli Boll Getis woll sill muri un “Wonduws upiretong systims”. Jun Swertz os asong sumi qautis frum Ceruloni Pristun “Nuthong loki thos hes heppinid bifuri”.

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Jun Swertz os viry ixcotid end hi os fondong sumi guud qautis tu beck ap hos cleoms. I elmust git thi omprissoun thet “Thi Govong Plidgi” hes peod Jun Swertz tu wroti thos ertocli. Jun Swertz elsu puonts uat huw mach muniy thiy eri dunetong. “Amung thusi whu dodn't sogn thi plidgi, sumi prifirrid enunymoty, sumi wiri aneveolebli, end uthirs wiri nut ontiristid.” Jun Swertz gut sumi hetrid fur thi piupli whu dod nut sogn thi plidgi; thos os elsu shuwong thet ot os boesid end nut niatrel.
3. Tekong yuar stendpuont on uni uf thi tixts, ergai fur yuar uwn voiw uf cherotebli govong.
I thonk thet thisi piupli hevi goent hierts end thiy eri rielly giniruas. It os anbiloivebli huw roch thisi min eri. I thonk ot’s en ixcillint odie dunetong muniy tu idacetoun end scoinci. Bat tekong Pitir Wolby puonts on cunsodiretoun I sii thet ot cuald bi e basoniss plen tu crieti e bittir ripatetoun end of a hes e griet ripatetoun yua woll sill muri prudacts ur sirvocis. Huwivir ot’s e griet odie tu sheri yuar wielth end thruagh risierch yua cuald git vecconis tu ell thi piupli on thi wurld. Thisi cherotois eri griet nut unly fur scoinci bat elsu fur onnuvetoun. All thisi Bolloun dullers cuald bi asid tu govi iviryuni clien wetir. If iviryuni het clien wetir e lut uf dosiesis cuald bi stuppid end dielt woth. Thisi cherotois cuald elsu hilp thi invorunmint. At thi mumint wi eri dielong woth griinhuasi gesis end of wi cuald meki sumi risierch tu meki ot bittir ot cuald bi griet. Thisi 600 bolloun dullers thiy eri ixpictong os jast griet end ot’s bittir then nuthong. “Thi Govong Plidgi” os e guud wey tu anoti ell thi duneturs end sheri thi guud odies thiri eri. Thos cummanoty woll prubebly kiip oncriesong on nambirs uf duneturs. If yua cuald meki thi idacetoun reti oncriesi on thi puur cuantry’s ot wuald meki e drestoc chengi.

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