The Charge Nurse Michelle N. Essay

The Charge Nurse Michelle N. Essay

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The charge nurse Michelle N., at San Gabriel Valley Medical Center has been working there for approximately seven years. She graduated from Cal State Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s Degree in nursing back in 1994. From there, she started working at a small clinic specializing in cardiac. She said that working in a small clinic, she had to handle a lot of patient care and administrative work. It was very unorganized, but it allowed her to build her leadership skills. She realized that she wanted to get her masters degree and started looking into master programs shortly after. She always knew that she wanted to work towards the management side of nursing. After getting her masters of Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA, she landed a job at San Gabriel Valley Medical Center. She specializes in the ICU unit and has been working there for several years before working her way up to be a charge nurse.
Being a charge nurse in the ICU at San Gabriel Valley Medical Center entails many different types of responsibilities including scheduling, leading and coordinating daily activities. They oversee a team of nurses and support staff, including CNAs and LVNs. They must be able to communicate effectively and delegate responsibilities. Being a successful charge nurse also entails being able to maintain working relationships with other mangers, physicians, and health care workers.
The leadership style that Michelle uses is democratic. A democratic leader allows open communication by gathering ideas and feedback from employees. This type of leadership is very effective because it makes the employees feel more valued. They will feel like they are part of the decision making in the management process. Another type of leadership th...

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...ality of care can be improved. It was very interesting to find out that there are classes to refresh skills if needed. This is very useful for nursing staff to practice safe care.
Being able to follow the charge nurse for a few hours helped me learn about the management process. To be an effective leader, one must have excellent communication skills and be an effective team builder. Those are the two most important qualities that all nursing leaders should have. I was very glad to see how well Michelle treats her staff. What I took most out of this experience was learning how to treat staff with respect, communicating with the staff to see if they were okay and if anything needs to be done, and being able to prioritize tasks according patient’s needs. I hope that I will be able to apply these skills that I have learned if I were ever to be a charge nurse someday.

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