Essay about The Characters of Percy Jackson, The Last Olympian

Essay about The Characters of Percy Jackson, The Last Olympian

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The Last Olympian
Setting : The two main cities this book takes place in is mount Olympus and new York. Olympus in this book is actually at the top of a building and has been moved there. Its in the 600th floor. Mount Olympus is where they fight to save the it in the end. Percy Jackson also goes to poseidons palace which his huge and has lots of scenery. The underworld in the story is in central park and the kids are sent by Percys mom over there.

Characters: Percy Jackson again is the main character throughout the series. Percy Jackson is the son of Poseidon and is a demi god. He doesn’t know so until he is in his teens. He has powers with water and has a sword called riptide which is his main weapon. Percy Jackson has gotten himself in a bad situation in an attack early in the book and loses his consciousness. Percy then wants to be like luke and not be able to die so he and his friends go to visit Luke the camp counselors mom. Percy is afraid of his future and in a scene where Percy Jackson learns his prophecy Anabeth calls him a coward because he doesn’t want to die. Percy then gets his life saved when he goes in the underworld and gets into a fight cause by Nico. In anothrt battle Percy has a choice of surrendering over Anabeth’s life but Percy doesn’t surrender but Anabeth still lives. Percy takes a lot of risks in the story and they all paid off. His character has matured throughout the story as well.

Anabeth is another main character in the story. She has been Percy Jacksons friend for a while and is the daughter of Athena the goddess of wisdom. She has been in a relationship with Percy Jackson too. Her and percy are very close. When percy Jackson has to decide whether to surrender or not its because Anabeth sacrifi...

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...die but it was the wrong scroll and was about Luke instead. Percy could have just gave up and watched Olympus get destroyed but Anabeth convinces him to keep fighting and not to lose hope. Although they had a fight over it Percy did the right thing and didn’t let the fake prophecy fool him.

I did enjoy this book and the series ended in a good fashion. It didn’t have a bad twist or some other kind of negative aspect too it. I did like that they put Kronos in it because he was the god of time in the story and could control time itself. He could pause and freeze time which is a cool ability. They didn’t have much about the titans in the other books so that was cool. The kids have to go on way too many different missions throughout the book and I feel like it was crazy how they were always gone somewhere. Other than that it was worthwhile reading and I enjoyed it.

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