Characters from the Movie, 12 Angry Men Essay

Characters from the Movie, 12 Angry Men Essay

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Foreman #1: He was an assistant coach for a football team outside of the of the jury room, he was in charge of keeping everybody in focused on the task at hand. At the beginning of the movie he was persistent on voting guilty, but at the end he changes his vote to not guilty after hearing all of the evidence.

Juror #2: This man didn’t talk as much he was very shy and he got a little bit into the discussion of this conflict. After the evidence has been presented he thinks about it and then he switches his verdict to not guilty. #7 and # 10 is trying to get him to switch his vote back to guilty and at one point of the movie he feel likes he has had enough of #10 changes to not guilty at the end .

Juror #3 : This juror is a man he is a small business owner, he strongly states that he started his business from the ground up and he is very satisfied with himself I feel like, and now has thirty four workers now working in his business. In the early stages of this movie we learn that he doesn’t have a good relationship with his own son and they are no longer speaking, he is a stubborn old man and I felt like he is taking his own experiences into avvount and that leading him to believe that the boy really did stab his father and he is the last to be convinced to vote not guilty.

Juror #4: This man is a stock broker and he is trying to look at this case as logically as someone can and he is trying to take all of the information and trying to put it into good use. But he is kind of arrogant and thinks just because this boy is brought up in the slums that he is a criminal. That is where the arrogentness comes into play, he talks a lot about possessions that being money and juror #10 tells him to shut his dirty mouth voted not gui...

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...e says the women had the same deep mark on the side of her nose from glasses.

Juror #10: Born in a slum and he disagrees with the gentleman. Changing his mind to stands up for himself. Stating to switch sides, switched and states that the knife was only used was only used underhanded and has always been that way got upset with what #10 said voted not guilty at the end.

Juror #11: believes that the knife is very important to the case. Starts to change his mind, wants to dig deeper in the case changed his vote at the end and doesn’t think that the boy is capable of murdering his father.

Juror #12: Doesn’t find it important got sidetracked wants to get this case over with. Wants to be funny but he is not, stick with 3 1 in his theory that the boy always having murder on his mind. Starts to think changes his vote to not guilty then guilty and then not guilty.

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