Essay about Characteristics that Make a Good Nurse Leader

Essay about Characteristics that Make a Good Nurse Leader

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Leadership is a very important concept in the area of nursing. Successful leaders can't achieve goals without inspired and motivated followers. Most people have observed nurses who've been placed in leadership positions but failed to capture the hearts and souls of those they lead (Feltner, Mitchell, Norris & Wolfle, 2008). In essence these types of leaders are very ineffective in what they do. In order to be a successful leader, one must possess certain characteristics that not only define who they are but inspire those who they lead. In order to explore these characteristics an in depth exploration will be done on a nurse leader who exhibits many good nursing leadership qualities.
Nurse Leader
I currently work in the Home Care arena and have worked for my present company for about a year. My nurse manager always exhibits exceptional leadership qualities. She has a tremendous commitment to excellence. She is always ready to learn new information and not going to stop until she knows it 100%. She is very compassionate about her work and treats all of the employers with respect and fairness. She has amazing critical thinking skills and focused on the strategic vision of the organization. She is very trustworthy, caring and I know that she is going to help me anytime I have questions or issues. A good nurse leader is someone who can motivate others to work together in pursuit of a universal goal, which is exactly what my nurse manager does on a daily basis.
Characteristics that Exemplify the Nurse Leader
A successful leader has a distinct set of personal traits. The characteristics that stand out when I look at my nurse manager include: empathy and caring, clear vision and strategic focus, commitment to ...

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...ell being in order to offer progressive, exceptional care. The best way that they can do this is to exhibit these same behaviors in their relationships with their team. This will lead to healthy relationships between employees and leaders which will in turn lead to healthy relationships between patients and nurses. As a leader, one should take advantage of every opportunity to inspire people by identifying their contributions.
My current nurse leader is very good and exhibiting all the vital characteristics that make her a great leader. I have learned a lot from her and she motivates me on a daily basis to do the best job possible. I look up to her and hope to someday make as good a leader to others as she has been to me. She is a great motivator and mentor and has given me the passion to continue my education so that I can one day be a better professional.

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