Characteristics of Western Europe During Medieval Times

Characteristics of Western Europe During Medieval Times

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During medieval times Western Europe was a very intriguing place, filled with governments like the Franks, religions like Catholicism, and many many wars. There were six main characteristics of Western Europe during the medieval times, and they were war, pestilence, religion, social injustice, and bad law systems. War was one of the things that caused great advancements in math, architecture, and weapons. The advances in math were caused by their need to better calculate things, for example firing a catapult, and they were needed because people needed to build better castles and math was needed to know how big and sturdy you could make the walls without it falling. Architecture was needed because of the building of the castles previously mentioned, and because unsettled wars created competition, and people had to build bigger and better building to be win. Weapons were increased because if you're fighting a war then you obviously want better weapons, and since blacksmiths were testing new ways to make better weapons, then metalworking increased too.
Pestilence was a massive factor during these times,mostly because people had no idea what would make them sick and what wouldn't. The black death alone was so devastating, it was the main factor when between the years 1340-1450 the population decreased by over twenty million people. Thanks to the wars, diseases caused from all the dead killed more people because they didn't know how to safely dispose of them. Disease also caused advancements in the medical field to try to stop so many people from dying. Because all of the peasants were completely poor, they couldn't even afford the little medical treatment there was, and that spread sickness even more.
One of the biggest characteristics was religion, for example, the Holy Roman Empire grew powerful with the decline of the power of Roman Emperors. Countries like the Franks were constantly trying to spread Christianity as well with the Crusades, and trying to convert the “barbarians” to the north. Basically all of the powerful countries in Western Europe besides the Muslims, were Roman Catholic, which meant that the Pope had a massive amount of influence, and often they used it. Monks and brothers were also found all over the place, which further spread Christianity, and decreased the population because they were celibate. The inquisition while it did spread Christianity, it caused a lot of people to dislike or distrust the Church.
I’m don’t believe there was a country at the time that didn't have a massive amount of social injustice.

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An example would be Western Europe, they discriminated against peasants and serfs, who were the only ones who weren't allowed to compete in trials of arms. Worst of all, they had about as many rights as slaves. Knights who were the best warriors these countries had, even had to do almost anything their lord commanded, and the same with the lords having to obey the king. In document twenty-one, it talks about how the peasants were running around killing tons of lords and knights and I don’t agree with what they were doing, but it always talks about how they went into their castles to do it, this meant that while the peasants were living in hovels, the knights and lords were living in castles, and that would annoy just about anyone.
The law systems during those times were just completely awful. The idea of trial by ordeal was completely stupid, it proves nothing, and it relies completely on luck. Not to mention it favors the lords and knights who wouldn't have cuts, bruises, or scratches on their hands that peasants or serfs would, which would make it more likely that the blood would fester. The one inquisition was horrible, unless you could prove that you were Catholic, and always have been, you were guilty, it was guilty until proven innocent, the complete opposite of our ways. Though, future groups of people could use this as a reference of what not to do, and come up with a better law system, and it was also a decent start at a law system, it was just a little backwards.
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