Characteristics of Various Deer Species Essays

Characteristics of Various Deer Species Essays

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White tailed deer, elk, and moose are all types of deer. They are ruminant mammals forming the family Cervidae which means they grow and shed new antlers each year. These three types of deer live in areas ranging from the wilderness, forests, brush thickets, prairie, and your backyard. While often associated with forests, deer are an Eco tone species that can adapt to different environments in order to survive. The white-tailed deer, elk, and moose have different dietary needs ranging from tree bark to the tender grass allowing them to live in the same community while foraging on different foods. Reproduction characteristics for these mammals are similar but distinctive to their own breed. They have different mating patterns, gestation periods, and ways of caring for their young. The weight of these three types of deer can vary from ninety pounds to one thousand five hundred pounds. Their life span can vary from ten to twenty five years.
White-tailed deer are adaptable species and thrive in a variety of habitats. The areas are the most suitable environment include a mixture of hardwoods, crops, brush and pastures. White-tailed deer require a variety of foods for growth and reproduction. From spring through fall, they feed on grasses, fruit, weeds, crops and the tender growth. During the fall and winter their diet consists of woody plant stems, green growth, acorns and evergreen leaves. The males are called a "bucks" and the female is called a "does”. White-tailed deer mate in November in the northern parts of their range and in January or February in the southern parts of their range. The female can have from one to three fawns after about six months after mating. They hide their young in different areas in order to keep t...

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...of an adult. The young will stay with the mother until just before the next young are born. Only bulls have antlers and weigh from eight hundred forty pounds to one thousand five hundred pounds. The cows weigh from four hundred forty to seven hundred ninety pounds. The life span of an average moose is about fifteen to twenty five years.
All three types of deer are from the Phylum Chordata. This means that in some point of their lives they have had a post-anal tail, pharyngeal slits, a notochord, dorsal nerve cord, and endostyle. The Taxonomy these deer are closely related. All are from the Subfamily Capreolinae, which means New World Deer. The white-tailed deer is from the Tribe Rangiferini and Genus (Odocoileus virginianus). Elk are from the Tribe Capreolini and the Genus (Alces alces). Moose are also from the Tribe Capreolini and Genus (Alces americanus).

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