Essay on The Characteristics Of The Keystone Species

Essay on The Characteristics Of The Keystone Species

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All over the world there are animals dying from national disasters and plants are dying from animals. So the predator - prey relationships have a big deal on the population on plants and animals. But with the predator - prey relationships both animals have a connection together because that animals and the plants can be controlled with a keystone species. The one that controls how the population of all the factors is the keystone species because the keystone species is the animal that keep everything in check with the population of the plants and animals. But if the keystone species die and can it affect the ecosystem strongly and a trophic cascade would happen. So living and Nonliving factors have a big effect on the population of the and the animals.
Living and nonliving factors population can be affected if a keystone species die. Trees give nutrients to other trees and trees are a keystone species. So, if it gets affected by a parasite and that is a part of symbiosis. Now when the poison is in the tree when it get nutrients the tree would die or the plant. But something positiv...

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