Essay on Characteristics of the Amphioctopus Marginatus

Essay on Characteristics of the Amphioctopus Marginatus

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The Amphioctopus Marginatus is of the Kingdom Animalia because like other members of this kingdom, it is both multicellular and is a heterotroph. This species is also part of the phylum Mollusca because like other mollusks, it has a coelom, (letter B on the first phylogeny tree), a visceral body mass, and a mantle (letter C). Furthermore, because it is not part of the phylum Chordata, it does not have the notochord (letter A) (Doc 2). It is of the class Cephalopoda, because like other members of this class, such as Asteroceras Confusum, the Marginatus has a merged head and foot (letter F), a siphon (letter D), and a ring of tentacles (letter E) surrounding the head (Doc 1). As a member of the order Octopoda, this species has eight arms (Letter G) (Doc 3). Furthermore both the sub groups Incirrina and the Cirrina have a reduced shell size (letter H) (Doc 3). As a member of the sub order Incirrina, the veined Octopus does not have cirra (letter J) which is found only in the the sub order Cirrina (Doc 5). The letter I represents the lack of paired fins on the head an aspect that is com...

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