Characteristics Of Poe 's Writing Essay

Characteristics Of Poe 's Writing Essay

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Characteristics of Poe’s Writing
Edgar Allan Poe is known as one of the greatest American- gothic poets of the 19th century (Buranelli,1977). His poems are very dark, melancholy and make the reader feel strange when something so morbid becomes so beautiful. Burnelli does an impeccable job explaining the grotesque qualities of Poe’s work by saying that Poe’s imagination was both normal and abnormal. The mixture of these two elements heightened the reader’s sensitivity and the way they perceived the poems and short stories Poe produced (Buranelli,1977).
He describes that, for Poe, the “unwillingness to accept reality in all of its crudity was vastly exacerbated by another psychological ailment.”(Buranelli,1977) According to Buranelli in his book, Edgar Allan Poe, he explains that Poe’s style encompasses the key themes of, “terror, horror, strange fantasies and physiological abnormalities.” (Buranelli,1977) He goes further into Poe’s unique style and how much of Poe’s poems are about, “disease, madness, death and hideous murders.” (Buranelli,1977) These themes of murder and terror are illustrated best in Cask of Amontillado, Tell Tale Heart, and The Black Cat.
The Mind of The Poet
Burnelli makes a strong argument in, “Edgar Allan Poe” stating that Poe was one of the most sane American authors (Buranelli,1977). But, the constant torment of his thoughts made him appear as if he were a social outcast. Poe took all of the unfortunate events of his life and did the unthinkable: he wrote them down. Instead of keeping all of his demons on the inside, like a respectable citizen should, he released them with ink onto paper. Burnelli explains how even though Poe wrote about terror and horror, it didn’t make him less American (Buranelli,1977...

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... life (Buranelli,1977). This is what makes him so relatable. All humans want to believe in grand things and hope that their life will live up to the grandness we all hear of. But because of Poe’s nature and tendency of practicality, he scales down this grandness and gives us the absolute reality that the world is incapable of magnificence (Buranelli,1977).
He saw the world as a starting point. He knew that earth couldn’t be the place to be happy. The world to him was just a pretty picture that could never offer him any kind of solace no matter how hard he tried. To him, earth was just a place humans were forced to live in until we reached our final destination of heaven (Buranelli,1977). He longed for beauty and for heaven, but was chained to earth with the ever growing fear that he wouldn’t reach what all God-fearing humans long for: The Pearly Gates of Heaven.

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