Essay about Characteristics of "Green Business"

Essay about Characteristics of "Green Business"

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Without doubt the XXI century has changed our priorities, especially when it comes to the way we do business. Popular sustainable business models, as advertised in the media, have evolved into much more than a moral obligation or an external requirement to generate money. Essentially, are forcing companies to reinvent the systems and approaches with which they generate value and profitability to the company.

Important companies like Shell, DuPont, BP has been reorganised to generate profits from this green market of goods and services. In this sense, it may sound altruistic, "the sustainability", the logic of profitability and competition is what will determine the ability of companies of the future to meet the changing needs of consumers.

This premise of "sustainability" as a necessary quality to be competitive, it falls short, according to Bryan Walsh of Time magazine . In a 2007 article, the expert shows how "sustainable" is helping to drive out competition, given the approach taken by companies to become more efficient, flexible and cutting waste, which helps them provide better products and reduce costs.

Companies that refuse to accept that they will face a strict and demanding environment. The most talented human capital companies that do work to care for natural resources, the regulation will raise the cost of not using resources properly, consumers will demand products and environmentally friendly. In short, choosing between sustainability and growth is not an option.

It is important to understand clearly what a Green Business is and what makes a Business Green (Friend et al, 2009 p.2):
o Reduces negative environmental impacts
o Compiles with environmental regulations ...

... middle of paper ...

...of a signature automatically associate the goods or service generated a load of sense, in this case, social concerns and environmental awareness, which people respond positively valued and know.
In recent years, business or green business was no longer an option to become an obligation. Companies started to change their mindset and values to develop new environmental proposals, for example launching second ecological lines.
However, the abuse of this trend is causing some fatigue and distrust among consumers, especially when certain product categories are falling far short of what the consumer is expecting.
One of the clearest cases is found in the positioning of the cars. The dominant discourse is green in the category linking the consumer with Less eco / more efficient and less CO2, when what is expected of the marks are engines with alternative energy.

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