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Characteristics Of An Unknown Specimen Essay

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The previous study had the purpose of effectively identifying an unknown specimen given to our laboratory group. The study was based on a comparison method that allowed us to apply general knowledge of well-known hominins and thoroughly analyze and effectively give a taxonomic name to specimen #3. Based on the literature explored earlier, our group hypothesized that specimen #3 was an archaic hominin. The results showed that specimen #3 showed a wide variety of differences when compared to the Australopithecus group, which can be interpreted as specimen #3 had characteristics that are categorized as modern. The main characteristics that indicate that specimen #3 was not within the Australopithecus group are presented as follow: the degree of postorbital constriction and zygomatic flare in specimen #3 was very low, almost minimal; the dental morphology of specimen #3, especially the canines were very small and not as sharp as the other Australopithecus specimens, which tends to be consistently large and sharp; and the cranium size of specimen #3 was significantly bigger in comparison with the other Australopithecus. These crucial characteristics are inconsistent with the traditionally known features of the Australopithecus group; therefore specimen #3 is not Australopithecus.
When compared to H. erectus and H. habilis, specimen #3 showed some similarities, but mostly differences among its characteristics. These differing features go as follow: the cranial shape of specimen #3 was proportionate in length and width, which is inconsistent with the cranial shape with the H. habilis and H. erectus. The degree of postorbital constriction is usually prominent in H. habilis and H. erectus, nonetheless specimen #3 presented a minimal post...

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...n this analysis, our hypothesis, that specimen #3 is an archaic hominin, was partially supported since Neanderthals are considered to be within the archaic group. Nonetheless, the previous study had some limitations but provided a foundation for future and more thorough analysis.
Some limitations of this study included the absence of numerical data and measurements that could have yielded a more accurate evaluation, interpretation and analysis of the specimen and further comparisons. In addition, the language used when comparing specimens was vague and unclear, which can lead to conflicting and different interpretations among individuals. Nonetheless, the basic analysis of specimen #3 can lead other scientists to measure and collect numeric data for further evaluation; include other methods such as potassium- argon dating, radiocarbon dating or stratigraphy.

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