Characteristics Of An Operating System Essay

Characteristics Of An Operating System Essay

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Characteristics of an Operating System:
Multi-User: A Multi-User is two or more users that have individual accounts that allow them to work with programs and peripheral devices at the same time.
Multitasking: Multitasking is when a computer is able to run more than one application at the same time, for example have Microsoft Word and Internet open at the same time.
Multiprocessing: Multiprocessing is when an Operating System can support multiple Computer Processing Units (CPU’s)
Multithreading: Multithreading is when a program can complete multiple tasks at the same time. It is similar to Multitasking but allows multiple threads instead of processes. Also since each thread is controlled separately, it can lead to less crashes due to the fact if one thread has an error it will not affect the rest of the program.
Different types of Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows 8/8.1:
There is a security feature on this which is Windows Defender and Windows SmartScreen can help protect your PC against spyware, viruses. Family safety will give your kids independence as well as still letting you keep an eye on them and what they are doing. Another Feature on this Operating System is the programmes that you get such as the ones you have always used like PowerPoint, Excel and Word. You can use your mouse and keyboard to organise documents and stuff into specific folders on the desktop. There is a new Graphical User Interface (GUI) design, the start screen is designed more like an mobile app or an Xbox 360. This allows you to really customize and change your start up screen to make it personal to you. There is also a new thing called “One View” this means that when you are working on the desktop, all the applications that you have opened will a...

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...lly Bean 4.3 has great features. Networking is one of them, the Bluetooth side is “Bluetooth Smart Support” this uses lower energy, also the Bluetooth AVRCP 1.3, this displays song names on a car stereo. The new graphical user interface features are good as well, this includes the choice of more languages than before furthermore it supports the latest version of the industry standard for high performance graphics. The Keyboard and Input has an easier text input because of the improved algorithm for tap-typing recognition. Another useful feature for customers are the faster user switching feature, you are now able to switch users from the lock screen faster. One main disadvantage of this operating system is that the system starts to become slower when swiping. This can be very frustrating and annoying for users and can then force them to change operating systems.

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