Characteristics Of An Ecological Footprint Essay

Characteristics Of An Ecological Footprint Essay

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An ecological footprint can be regarded as the amount of strain exerted by an individual on the environment. In general, the environment has a certain level that it can sustain living things through the regeneration of its resources. If at any instance the load exceeds the environment 's carrying capacity, then there will be an offshoot which can cause an environmental collapse. For this reason, there are measures that can be taken to reduce this offload such as growing the carrying capacity.
Naturally, I consider myself as being more of a vegetarian rather than omnivorous. Based on my eating habits and the distances I cover handling my daily activities, I found that my ecological footprint is fairly high. Most of the foods I consume are vegetables which greatly reduces the land and resources available to sustain human beings. In fact, I tend to be a person who likes working out, and I cover quite long distances which help reduce the economic footprint. In the test, there were some factors that confused me in calculating the economic footprint. For instance, I was unsure about the exact materials used for the construction of the house I live.
According to me, I believe that to reduce my ecological footprint there are certain changes that I should make. For instance, I should start consuming organic foods and increase the consumption of pre-made foods and shop at the local farmers market. This is because these foods have not travelled long before reaching me. Besides, I should increase my recycling which is one of the things that I rarely do. Furthermore, I should start using energy efficient appliances in my home.
If everyone on the planet consumed the resources at the rate that I am, then we would need 4.1 earths to sustain the ...

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To significantly reduce their environmental impact, I would be forced to first consume organic foods regularly. In particular, this will include the buying of foods that are packaged less, or they can be recycled. Again, I should start using products that are not made of plastic due to the difficulty of disposing of them. Alternatively, I could use products made of materials that can be recycled.
From working through this process, I have learned that I have been living in a way that contributes significantly to the depletion of our natural resources. I have come to understand that the way we live determines how long the natural resources can sustain us in future. However, I still believe that despite most people not being aware of the economic footprint and its importance, they can be educated on the same and what to do to ensure a low economic footprint.

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