The Characteristics Of A Social Psychology Essay

The Characteristics Of A Social Psychology Essay

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Humans have many unique characteristics and attributes that make us very different from the animals around us. With these attributes, we are also able to dominate and manipulate our environment around us to our personal benefit. Some of these attributes that humans possess are self-awareness, higher emotion, and personal memory. Humans are able to use these tools to make our world better because of the phenomenon of language. According to a Columbia paper, “Language is implicated in most of the phenomena that lie at the core of a social psychology: attitude change, social perception, personal identity, social interaction, intergroup bias and stereotyping, attribution, and so on…”
Self-awareness is the ability of being aware of being aware of being aware. In simpler and less confusing terms, self-awareness is “conscious knowledge of one 's own character, feelings, motives, and desires.” (Merrium-Webster.) Self-awareness comes with knowing oneself. In order to learn more about ourselves, humans have the rare ability to talk to themselves, using their minds, to understand who we truly are. Language influenced the greater development of self-awareness. With this inner-voice, self-awareness and behavior was no longer “simply reflexive and thoughtless, but conscious and aware.” Language helps people look back on their activities before, during, and after its conclusion. According to Alain Morin, inner speech and language plays an important role in self-referential activities. In his article, Morin goes on to explain how language really coincides with self-awareness. Whenever you experience something that affects you, like a pain, the inner-speech and monologue begin immediately. “Why do I have pain?” the self-aware voice starts saying ...

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...howing language’s huge part in the development of personal memory. According to a paper written by students of Northwestern University, “memory is richer and more elaborate,” when a person is bilingual. The paper talked about how bilinguals were able to retain more information then people who just speak one language. The more language a person has, the more personal and non-personal memories they are able to retain and use.
The brain areas that control language are able to modify language in order to use it for all different areas, such as self-awareness, higher emotion, and personal memory. Humans’ have been able to use language in order to help with evolution and greater development. Speech has helped us become aware of ourselves, describe the way we feel about a certain things, and helped us retain memories that we are uniquely able to tell over and over again.

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