Characteristics Of A Shopping Mall Essay

Characteristics Of A Shopping Mall Essay

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1 Introduction

Characteristics of a shopping mall’s environment have massive impact on consumers’ purchasing behavior. Following the literature from Mehrabian and Russell (1974) who focus on the relationship between environmental cues and consumer behavior, some further studies suggests that store atmospherics plays a prominent role in switching product evaluation and consumer satisfaction (Bitner, 1986). From the review of recent marketing scholar, store design, product display, lighting, background music, ambient scents, such combination of environmental elements potentially influence the willingness of consumers to buy and stay (Baker et al, 1992). Generally speaking, these physical settings are directly connected to our human beings five senses. Namely, when people enter into a store, the impression towards the store is decided within seconds by processing the information through sensory system. In psychological respect, perception towards an objective is a process of obtaining, interpreting, refining, and organizing sensorial information (Grohol, 2005). As Darden (1983) indicates, attitudes about the environment of a store are likely more important in making a decision of whether to stay in the store than attitudes about the products itself. Therefore, sensory marketing as an emerging business discipline has been widely integrated into marketing communication mix to create brand equity, affect consumer emotions, optimize product profitability (Ansemlm, 2008).
As Krishna (2010) defined, from marketing perspectives, “sensory marketing is a marketing approach to affect consumers’ perception, judgment and behavior by engaging their sensation.” In terms of managerial strategy, marketers are likely to adopt sensory marke...

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...ation to customers’ thoughts and attitudes towards smell when they are shopping in the mall. To be specific, the objectives of this research are 1) to examine the effects of ambient scent on consumer affective response 2) to detect the relationship between ambient scent and consumer perception towards store and product 3) to understand the influence of ambient scent on brand memory.
The structure of this article is organized as follows. First, the concept and theoretical basis of scent and retail environment is presented as well as the effects of ambient scent and the congruity with other environmental elements. Subsequently, the qualitative methodology in applying explanatory approach and hypotheses are addressed. Then, analysis of findings and results of investigation are discussed. Finally, implications and limitations of this study are demonstrated.

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