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The Characteristics Of A Person Essay

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I have become aware of my understanding of persons. As nurses, we need to put our patients and their families at the heart of all our decisions. This is well accomplished if we have a better understanding of who they are. It is important to see people through God’s eyes and care for them to the best of our ability. Understanding persons in healthcare is mastered by being aware of the six characteristics of a person.
The six characteristics of a person is holism, behavior, self-concept, basic needs, developmental stage and culture. The first characteristic of a person is holism, I believe that nurses need to treat the person as a whole, taking into account their social and spiritual standing not just their physical needs (Carr, 2015, PowerPoint slides, Word document). The second characteristic is the patient 's behavior (Carr, 2015, PowerPoint slides, Word document). Nurses need to confirm the meaning of their behavior and how they are coping with their illness. For example, a patient that has Alzheimer’s may not remember things you tell them, therefore it is important to understand why they are acting a certain way instead of jumping to conclusions. The third characteristic is self- concept, how the patient perceives themselves in very important for care (Carr, 2015, PowerPoint slides, Word document). For example, care could be given to someone who is really weak because they have not eaten anything due to body image. The fourth characteristic is the patient 's basic needs (Carr, 2015, PowerPoint slides, Word document). Abraham Maslow’s pyramid is the best tool to use. The number one priority is the patient 's physiological needs (Carr, 2015, PowerPoint slides, Word document). It is crucial to first care for a patient not able...

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...ities and differences of our thoughts of health. Peplau provides six roles that a nurse must act out. These roles ensure the patient is getting the best care for their health. Each of these roles allow a nurse to fully understand the patient from all dimensions. As a nurse giving the power to know information about a patient makes given care so much easier. Peplau believes the six roles of a nurse include: stranger, resource person, teacher, leader, surrogate and a counsellor (Feely. 1999, p.116). A clear difference in our though of health was the way we approached it. My conception of health is about the internal and external variables rather than providing the tools to a good health. Moreover, each person has different obstacles that influence their health. As caregivers we need to know every variable that affects their health.
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