Characteristics Of A Learning Disorders Essay

Characteristics Of A Learning Disorders Essay

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1. To discover if the problem that Gisela is facing is external or internal, I would first look at characteristics for learning disorders. The characteristics for learning disorders are difficulty in reading, writing, spelling, and/or performing in mathematics, difficulty in academic achievements, behavior that could possibly influenced by genetic factors, behavior that is not caused by intellectual disabilities, and behavior that is not a consequence of emotional or behavioral problems (Hunter, 2015b). If a child fits any of these characteristics, then there is a possibility of a learning disability, but interviews from the teacher and parents, and observation of the classroom and home would provide the best indicator if the learning disability, or possibly ADHD, is from external or internal factors (Hunter, 2015a).
Interviews from parents and teachers can give insight to the psychologist if the child 's behavior is consistent across the different environments that they are involved in. A teacher can provide information on the behavioral patterns and academic work received from the student, which can be compared to similar reports from parents. The psychologist could also observe the child in a school, home, and other social environments, as a way to see if there is a consistent pattern of behavior despite the environment. If the reports and observations match and the child is showing difficulties, despite the environment they are in, then the child could fit the model for having a learning disability. If the reports and observations do not match up, and the child is only exhibiting behaviors inhibiting academic achievement in a certain environment, then changes will have to be made in that environment.
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...cademic skills. There are also trained teachers who can aid their child, as well as learning centers that can help even further, if necessary. If they are still hesitant, I would suggest the same as the psychologist in the reading proposed: that the parents observe their child themselves in their learning environment. Hopefully after the observation, the parents would concede and allow their child to be evaluated for a learning disorder. If not, then I would explain that their child may be held back if they are not evaluated, and could possibly even have long-term detrimental effects the longer that the testing is pushed off. If the parents do not concede by then, I do not think pushing any further would really help anything. I would not want it to happen, but the child might have to stay back a grade for the parents to realize that their child may need evaluation.

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