Characteristics Of A Leader By Example Is A Group Of Permanent Movement Disorders

Characteristics Of A Leader By Example Is A Group Of Permanent Movement Disorders

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I am the eldest of two siblings, currently 18 and 14, and we live with our mom and dad in a house in Nashville. To each of these individuals I am something unique, but all of them share one common theme; I’m supposed to be the responsible one, not out of anything I rightfully earned, but primarily out of necessity. However, with responsibility comes inherit leadership, and whether I feel deserving or not, I’m expected to uphold those standards as a leader by example. And as a leader I see it as not only my responsibility, but my privilege to take in my family’s history and pass it on to the younger generations. I don’t see this as a burden, I thoroughly enjoy learning about the history of the world around me, and my ancestry is no exception.
To my mom, I’m her helper, and occasional care-taker. She has a physical disability called Cerebral Palsy, which basically is a group of permanent movement disorders. In her case, she has random muscle spasms, which sometimes can be triggered when she is startled. Because of this, our family as a whole usually has to help her get around both at home and away. I grew up being taught to help others and take into consideration those who aren’t given the same opportunities or abilities as I have; this principle has bled into my methods of learning as well as storytelling. This is especially evident in how I choose to tell stories to others in order to teach. I take this responsibility of my gained knowledge as an opportunity to educate others who might not have had the same opportunity to learn these skills: whether it be starting a fire, watching the sky, or things as simple as cooking and doing the laundry.
To my Dad, I’m his work-hand, Eagle Scout, and blank journal to fill. I have always he...

... middle of paper ... and finally show him what learning these things can be good for, for instance a self-reflecting essay in college or something. He eventually took up an interest in our family’s deeper history and soon after began to ask dad about all these things he had heard dad and I talking about, but never really cared enough to question. He was now the student, and I suppose I turned into more of a teacher’s assistant, for lack of a better term.
I see it as my privileged challenge to learn and pass on my family’s history. Not only should I do it, I should be honored to do it. In a way, I am. Learning to tell a good story should be paid off in the eyes and expressions of your audience, therefore as the performer you must to be well versed in your material. You must first learn it, so you may teach it and guide others in your footsteps so that they too can pass the legacy on.

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