Characteristics Of A Good Teacher Essay

Characteristics Of A Good Teacher Essay

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Characteristics of effective teachers are clarity and organization, warmth and enthusiasm. When teachers are organize the classroom runs a lot smoother. Teachers who have enthusiasm found the students have achievement gains and students tend to enjoy school. Pedagogical content knowledge is when teachers combined academic content with know how to teach the content that matches instruction to student differences. Expert teachers know the academic subjects they teach, general teaching strategies, the curriculum materials and programs appropriate for their subject and grade level, subject-specific knowledge for teaching, the characteristics and cultural backgrounds of learners and goals and purposes of teaching. These allow teachers to be successful with being an expert teachers. There are three parts in the area of teaching with the dimensions of classroom climate. Affective (emotional support), cognitive (instructional support) and behavioral (classroom organization). The components of affective are positive climate, negative climate, teacher sensitivity and regard for students perspectives. The components of cognitive are concepts development and quality of feedback. The components of behavioral are behavior management, productivity and instructional learning formats. Time management is important when being a teacher. You have to plan out how much time you want to spend of each subject and each lesson plan. Lesson plans don’t always go as plan. Sometimes they get bent or modified. Working with yourself is good, but collaboration can be more beneficial. It is important to look back on your lessons and reflect on them. Find out what went well and what needs to change. Instructional objectives are intended learning outcomes. Cognitiv...

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... is beneficial for the students and the teacher. When students are put into groups it allows students to talk more because students feel more comfortable in a small group rather than the whole class. It give students a chance to talk and elaborate more with their peers. It is beneficial for the teacher because they can walk around and listen to what students are saying about the material. Teaching can be difficult because there is so many ways to go about it. Each student and class can be taught a different way. Flexible group is when students are grouped and regrouped based on their learning needs. Adaptive teaching is matching support to current student’s abilities and needs. Teachers build on strengths to move all students toward self-regulated learning. Teacher- student interaction are important. The communication between the teacher and student are also important

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