Characteristics Of A Business Venture ( Burns, 2014 ) Essay

Characteristics Of A Business Venture ( Burns, 2014 ) Essay

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Explanation of My GET Test Results
The GET Test results show that I have certain characteristics shown by entrepreneurs. This implies that in some contexts, I may be an enterprising individual. My overall result was determined to be 74 percent. The test results that at the moment, I may not be in a position to come up with a new and innovative growth-oriented business venture (Burns, 2014). This is attributed to the fact that I still do not possess all the skills that global entrepreneurs require for them to succeed in growth-oriented entrepreneurship. However, the skills that I have can allow me to express my enterprising capability as an entrepreneur, or within the current job that I have. These skills can also be very beneficial in leisure activities and in various voluntary community projects. Taking part in such activities will not only allow me to impact positively on other people, but also to grow my skills so that I can become an individual who can take part in innovative growth-oriented ventures in the global scenes.
To understand why the results mean that I am yet to possess the skills required in a global growth oriented-venture, it is important to understand who an enterprising person is. The description of an enterprising individual is normally drawn from the word entrepreneur because it is widely believed that an enterprising individual shares same characteristic with an entrepreneur (Burns, 2014). According to Patricia (2015), an entrepreneur is an individual, who instead of working for other people as an employee, sets up and runs his own business venture. Such a person will assume the risks and the rewards that are associated with a particular business enterprise. Entrepreneurs are grouped and classified on the...

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...g, I have been able to develop various business skills including calculated risk taking, critical analysis skills, creativity, and innovativeness.
Over the year, I have managed to develop critical enterprising characteristics that can allow me to engage in certain entrepreneurship activities. Some of the skills that I currently have include critical analysis skills, creativity, calculated risk taking, planning, and time management skills. These skills have been very helpful in my current job at the financial department of a bank. The GET Test and the AULIVE’ Creativity Test have revealed that I have traits that enterprising persons require. By polishing the skills that I already have and developing the ones that I lack in, I will be able to transform into an individual who can create and run a growth-oriented and innovative global enterprise or project.

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