Characteristics Of A Business Organization Essay

Characteristics Of A Business Organization Essay

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Each business has there own unique features that characterise the way in which the company does business. Bindle is in the unique position of being in a number of different industry’s, these being online retail and luxury goods. Bindle faces many factors spaning from both macro and micro factors. Being a company that is predominately based online it is extremely dependent on technology and the modifications and advancements that occur. Being a business that is based in Australia it is important that the business recognises the large number of immigrants that live within the country and cater products to sell for there needs. Over recent years it has become socially desired for companies to have environmentally friendly products. Bindle has found a number of target markets through its ability to cater for all different ages, ethnicities and sex. A major target market for Bindle will be a younger female that enjoy the outdoors. Bindle have the ability to make a number of different modifications to continue to grow the business including modifying products, changing the pricing system and the distribution of products.
To ensure Bindle continues to grow as a company and remain at the front of the industry for “hand-made, tailored gift packages gift” (Bindle 2016), it must ensure it continues to develop and produce new products that are of the same high quality that consumers have come to know.
An acquisition that Bindle could incorporate into there business is a brand new product tilted “Weekend Away”. Weekend away is a brand new bindle that incorporates small necessities for short trips that are often forgotten about whilst packing for a small adventure. A short trip away from home is illustrated perfectly in the Weekend away Bin...

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...ustry that creates gifts wrapped in a Bindle to supply to its customers. Bindle has had to overcome a number of different internal and external factors that have resulted in alterations within the business. These factors include, customers, technology, environmental and competitors. Bindle has a number of different targeted markets due to there unique range of Bindles they supply, however a predominate market that Bindle can try and target is young females that enjoy the outdoors. A product that Bindle may implement to further its company is weekend away, which incorporates sunscreen, hand cream, not book and biscuits for all adventures away from home. Bindle to further its customer base can enhance is online presence by being more active on a daily basis. Bindle may also decide to sell there products through a department store with the likes of Myer or David Jones.

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