Characteristics And Weaknesses Of Social Work Essay

Characteristics And Weaknesses Of Social Work Essay

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Social work practice relies on many tools such as knowledge and frameworks which help guide and develop key social work skills. Theories are a major source of knowledge and frameworks, there are many theories with and used in social work practice with varying strengths and weaknesses. Due to the amount of theories at the use of social workers many do compliment as well as conflict with each other, requiring social workers to have a vast and complex understanding of them to navigate together. Ecosystems and critical theories are umbrella terms for theories and frameworks, meaning they have many application variations of themselves.
Ecosystems and critical theories are complex theories and need social workers to do much theoretical work with them as they do practical. Ecosystems within Compton & Galaway (1999) are a dynamic with a person and their environment and their influences on one another; including their relationship with it and other people, the direct and indirect relationship exchange and their environment and the people within in its present day context. Ecosystems works by layering different environments and the people within into contexts within their relationship to and interaction with the person. The most used model is a 3 tiered one, with ‘micro’ beginning with direct interactions with relationships and environments, followed by ‘messo’ with the semi-regular interactions of less frequented environments and relationships and lastly with the ‘’macro’ where indirect interactions with relationships and environments happens. Different variations of ecosystems focus on different tiered systems relationships, environments and the number of tiers. Ecosystems focus on contexts and the complexity of relationships and en...

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...tions of intervention or assistance with differences and similarities and saw Mary’s situation very differently. Ecosystems and critical theories can be used in many other ways both together and separately, and would be very useful for Mary in combination.
Ecosystems and critical theories are immense collection of theories and frameworks, needing social workers to have complexive knowledge of them. Due to their natures they have differences and similarities which can complement and conflict with each other cementing again the requirement for social work practice of use and knowledge. Due to their vastness they can also see many different perspectives changing the way that a situation can be seen such as with Mary. Ecosystems and critical theories are useful theories when used with awareness and proficiency, and regardless of the way of use powerful theories.

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