Characteristics And Quantity From A Hedonist Perspective Essays

Characteristics And Quantity From A Hedonist Perspective Essays

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This unit explored desire satisfactionism, a term that generally speaks for itself. Though it is an umbrella term because there are different types. There is local desire satisfactionism, which is the idea that if desires are satisfied, one is happy. Then there is whole life satisfactionism. It means that to be happy is to have one desire satisfied. This is the overarching desire that your most important desires be satisfied. It is prioritized assessment of one’s life as a whole. To compare local desire satisfactionism with whole life satisfactionism would be like comparing quality and quantity from a hedonist perspective. It is similar in regard to desire satisfactionism, two different types. Several individuals discuss whole life satisfactionism including Tatarkiewicz, Tiberius & Hall, and Kekes. Tatarkiewicz specifically addresses the imagination is regards to happiness. Tiberius & Hall advocate for forming good values. While Kekes goes a step further and stresses a life plan. Others like Diener & Seligman contribute as well, specifically focusing on the idea of subjective well-being in relation to desire satisfactionism. Some like, Diener & Seligman and Nussbaum explore the pros and cons of using subjective well-being as a public policy guideline. Nussbaum specifically tries to address the ambiguity concern with regard to the subjective well-being theory. While Nozick explores his view on happiness any why it is not the only important component in one’s life.
Tatarkiewicz believes that to be happy is “to be satisfied with life as a whole” (THO, 117). He goes on to define such as phrase as, being satisfied with the past, present and future. Tatarkiewicz is also sure to include that our perceptions of life, this ...

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...I would choose Nozick. I agree that there is more to life than happiness. If the experience machine is anything to go by. I agree when he says “We do not, of course, simply want contact with reality; we want contact of certain kinds: exploring reality and responding, altering it and creating new actuality ourselves” (THO, 252). I crave a real genuine connection with the world. That’s why I could not go into the machine, I know it would not be real in the end. I also agree that happiness is not the only thing we should strive for. We laugh, we cry, we grief, we jump for joy, all of these are part of living. If happiness was the only thing we felt, would we be living at all? Even the painful parts. I agree with Nozick ultimately because there are so many different dynamics to life that happiness fails to encompass and I would personally would not want to miss any of it

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