The Characteristics And Characteristics Of A Healthy Organization Essay

The Characteristics And Characteristics Of A Healthy Organization Essay

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Leadership has many definitions even though these definitions are merely a change of words (Northouse, 2016). The definition that covers most examples of leadership is the ability to influence your subordinates in such a way that your subordinates follow your orders and see the vision you have for your team (Northouse, 2016). Leaders are not born, however some of the characteristics that allow a follower to lead one day may be inherited (Storsletten, 2015). Leaders are obtained from the environment of the individual, such as when the son of the King eventually takes the throne (Northouse, 2016).
Therefore, while leaders become leaders as a rite of passage, the characteristics and skills differ from person to person. A healthy organization benefits from a leader that exhibits the necessary skills and characteristics to promote a culture in an organization that is both healthy and necessary to promote a safe work environment. (Jain, 2013). Storsletten, (2015), stated that according to Kierkegaard’s modes of existence, a distinction between three modes of existence are the aesthetic, ethical, and religious. Leaders always begin as individuals in a “crowd” (Storsletten, 2015). The individual who lives aesthetically is a lot like a leaf in the wind. The individual may not have total control of their situation (Storsletten, 2015). They can become leaders at some point in time however, they would most likely develop the attributes with the proper guidance and mentoring (Storsletten, 2015). Therefore, this type of individual may also need to spend a great deal of time learning the characteristics and skills to be a leader (Storsletten, 2015).
The ethical mode of existence does lean more toward the type of ingredient a leader has at th...

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...standards (Shafie, 2014). One thing to note is that once employees believe in an organization’s mission statement, and are trained to achieve the highest standards, employees will perform well because they believe in the reason for what they do (Storsletten, 2015). Therefore, it is important for employees to feel like they belong. Using reverent power (Northouse, 2016), a leader obtains the ability to influence their team simply because they trust him or her implicitly. Employees gain a sense of trust because they actually believe their leaders have their best interests at heart (Northouse, 2016).
In conclusion, leadership is a quality that manifests itself in many forms. It is difficult to pin down just which one is best. However, the situation usually dictates which style is best and can determine the character of the leader depending on the situation.

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