Essay on Characteristic of metacognition awareness

Essay on Characteristic of metacognition awareness

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Generally, knowledge is universal awareness or possession of information and gained trough experience or study. Knowledge brings humans to the successful epoch of creation and achievement. The deep study of knowledge conveys the new theories of wisdom that is metacognition. Metacognition or metacognitive is a study about thinking on what own’s thinking and managing or supervising their own learning (Fauzan, 2004, p. 2). In other research, Lai (2011) explained metacognitive as consciousness of someone thinking or responsiveness of one’s subject matter conceptions (p. 4). Overall, metacognition can be described as knowledge. In common, metacognition can be grouped into three major knowledge categories which are declarative, procedural and conditional (refer to Figure 1 in Appendix 1).
The first type of metacognition awareness is declarative knowledge. Usually, information about facts derived from the past memory and containing a statement. In specifics, declarative memory considered as knowledge that is storage of facts and events. Ability to learn and knowingly to recall everyday facts and events also best hint to define declarative memory in specific. This knowledge require an individual capacity to store association in long term memory. This mean an individual capability to store relatives information must in single trial. Declarative knowledge is accurate information that is professed, spoken and recorded. According to (Berge & Hezewijk, 1999), declarative knowledge is considered to be memory that store information about facts and events. Sometimes this type of knowledge always know as semantic and episodic memory (Berge & Hezewijk, 1999). Semantic memory relating to meaning or the differences between meanings or words and sy...

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