Essay on The Character of Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby

Essay on The Character of Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby

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The novel begins with Nick Carraway, a young man from Minnesota and the narrator od this novel, moves to New York in the summer of 1922 to learn more about bond business. He rents a house in the West Egg district of Long Island, a wealthy but fashionable area populated by the newly rich. Nick's next door neighbor is mysteroius man named Jay Gatsby, who lives in Gothic mansion and throws lavish parties every Saturday night. Nick is unlike the other inhabitants of West Egg, is educated at Yale and has social connections in East Egg, a fashionable area occupied by the upper class. His social connections in East Egg is Diasy Buchanan, his cousin and her husband Tom, a classmate of Nick's at Yale.

Gatsby, Nick's mystery neighbor is famous around New York because he throws elaborate parties every Saturday night at his mansion to which people long to invited, but no knows where he comes from, what he does, or how he made his fortune. His parties are unbelievably luxurious: guests marvel over his Rolls-Royce, his swimming pool, his beach, crates of fresh oranges and lemons, buffet tents i...

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