Essay on The Character of General Jackson

Essay on The Character of General Jackson

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Each and every great figure in history, and indeed ever in existence, has held a virtue in common – resolve. A unique drive or belief has always pervaded the minds and hearts of the great and aided in their success. General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson proves no different; he lived his life on the maxim “You may be whatever you resolve to be” (qtd. in “Stonewall Jackson Civil War Confederate General”). Few great figures in the history of this nation can adequately compare their resolve with that of “Stonewall” Jackson's. For one thing, he was dubbed the nickname “Stonewall” in honor of his resolve and bravery at the First Battle of Bull Run. Upon hearing about Union battle plans to break the Confederate line during the crucial First Battle of Bull Run, Jackson stated, “We will give them the bayonet.” He and his brigade stood steady in the face of Union onslaught, causing Confederate General Bee to comment “There stands Jackson like a stone wall” (“Stonewall Jackson”). His heroic resolve led to the momentous Confederate victory at Bull Run. As with other great figures in history, Stonewall Jackson stemmed his resolve from an ever-persisting and ever-present drive; his resolve stemmed from his faith. General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson's undiminishing resolve holds its roots in his Christian faith, as exemplified by various primary and secondary accounts of his personal and military life. Accounts of his faith by family members and fellow soldiers also provide insight to Jackson's faith and resolve.
Jackson's childhood and early life were not influenced significantly by faith and religion. His childhood was poor and full of hardship. Orphaned at a young age, he was forced to live with his relatives for the majority...

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...left arm; but I have lost my right arm” (“Thomas J. Jackson Biography Page”).

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