Essay on Character Flaws in Shakespeare’s Plays

Essay on Character Flaws in Shakespeare’s Plays

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The main purpose of this paper is to examine Shakespeare’s characters and their flaws, comparing them with the modern characters written by Tom Stoppard and Harold Pinter. For that purpose, comparative analysis will be used in this paper. The results will show that nothing has truly changed since the Shakespearean era. People live in a corrupted society, influenced by poisonous doctrines. However, the paper shows that there are still hope for mankind, but only if people restore the moral compass. In addition, the paper is based on pedagogical and psychoanalytical approach, since the topic of the paper is about the character flaws. Harold Bloom (1998) suggests that Shakespeare is the most influential literary figure, whose works has had a major impact on many contemporary authors.

Literature Review

All Shakespeare’s dramas deal with love, death and life, hence, these universal themes get beautiful touch by him. His dramas reflect that he had insightful knowledge of human psychology. Therefore, his characters have become memorable in the field of literature and inexhaustible sources of inspiration for many modern authors. Bloom et al (1998) suggests that Shakespeare not only created the characters, he gave them life. Even though, all characters have flaws, they also have virtues. Bearing in mind that Shakespeare created these characters four centuries ago, the problem this paper addresses is how much the characters have prospered through due course of time. Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet” is one of the most famous, and according to critics, one of the most complex Shakespeare’s plays, that aims to show the truth about the world and people inhabiting it, their guilt or innocence, their feelings and motivations, throu...

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...s, and present a continuation of Shakespeare's struggle. The question is how can it be possible that the world has reached the point of destroying itself? It is hard to understand the psyche of people who would risk not only their well-fare but their own bare existence. The situation today seems to exceed Shakespeare’s fictional violence and corruption. One thing is certain, the brain-washing done by the system which is highly criticized in his works, is now even more enacted. However, an individual is never to blame, the fault lies on the corrupt system and culture that starts shaping us almost from the moment we were thrown in this world. People are not evil in their nature but are able of committing tremendous cruelties fighting for the “right” causes, regardless of the nature.

Works Cited

Bloom. Harold. (1998), Shakespeare. The invention of the human.

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