Character Development : Winston Smith Follows The Traditional Path Of A Hero 's Journey

Character Development : Winston Smith Follows The Traditional Path Of A Hero 's Journey

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Reading Journal #1: Character Development
Winston Smith follows the traditional path of a hero 's journey. O’Brien calls him to adventure calling to him in a dream. The threshold crossing is when Winston buys the little black journal from the old antique shop. It was his first secret act against the Party. His mentor is O’Brien, and Winston clings to the words from his dream for hope. He meets Julia who is of great help to motivate Winston and encourage his independent thinking. For too long, Winston had depended on the Party to do the thinking. He went through life almost without having to think, but since his journey he has learned to search for truth and question the doctrine of society. Winston discovered, “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.” (Orwell 81).”
Of his many challenges, his greatest challenge is that of secrecy. With the ever watching eye of Big Brother, not being caught by the Thought Police or turned in by fellow comrades, is quite the struggle. He has to be careful of his every move, expression, word, and thought. Eventually Winston and Julia are caught and a very physical struggle turns more mental. His moment of revelation is when he finds that his mentor and comrade O’Brien is not on his side. O’Brien reveals a truth wrapped in lies. Winston has to determine what is true and hold on to it. In the end Winston’s will to grasp the truth is broken, and he is transformed back into a shell of a man dependent on the Party for thinking. As it seems, O’Brien called Winston on this “quest” in the beginning with the intention to destroy in the end the small drop of independent thinking Winston originally had.

Reading Journal #2: The 2 Minutes Hate
The 2 Mi...

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...l not be true. The external world is the world outside our mind. External means outward. The real tangible world does not just exist in our minds.
It is important to record things because our minds cannot retain all the knowledge we learn. Maybe a long long time ago there was someone who invented an airplane before the Wright Brothers, but because it is not recorded did it not happen? Of course it happened. However, since it was not recorded future generations would not have such knowledge. Not knowing doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Overall, it just means that we are wrong. If everyone in the world was taught that two and two make five, that would be the accepted truth and everyone would live with it (how I’m not sure). Everyone would be living with a lie. It would still be wrong. Even if no one remembers the past does not mean that it didn’t happen a certain way.

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