Character Anaylsis of Uncle Jake in The Sky Fisherman by Craig Lesley Essays

Character Anaylsis of Uncle Jake in The Sky Fisherman by Craig Lesley Essays

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In The Sky Fisherman by Craig Lesley, Uncle Jake is a man who lives for the sake of others. He is a hero to Culver. Uncle Jake is considered a hero because he saves Culver from being deprived of a father. Jake being a father figure and role model for Culver helped him adapt to his new journey in Gateway. From this we can learn that even the most common and ordinary man can be the most heroic of all superheroes.
Uncle Jake first rescues his nephew from a controlled lifestyle. For example, when he had metaphorically explained to him the importance of breaking away, “Nephew it’s hard to swim with the salmon when you’re bogged down with the bottom feeders,” (100). It’s hard to discover and explore new ideas and thoughts when you’re being tied down by the one’s closest to your heart. Culver’s future will be greatly impacted if he continues to head down this road. In Of Mice and Men George was always held down by the burden of Lennie and his disability. George could have had a farm, a girl of his own, and have amounted to great heights, if it weren’t for Lennie weighing him down. Culver might live in the same regret as well. Furthermore, Jake’s saying is forever imprinted in Culver’s mind,” In the war you learn to pack your own parachute”, (290). Jake’s motto is a symbol of independence. Meaning, sometimes one has to accomplish a task individually. In other words you are responsible for yourself and no will be your caretaker. In of Mice and Men, Lennie throughout the novel, slowly becomes detached and independent from George on a few occasions. This is exactly what Jake wants Culver to do. He wants his nephew to experience and learn on his own.
Again Jake plays the role of the hero is when he saves young Culver from becoming utterl...

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...l of his Uncle being gone forever, “We’d driven only a few miles when I started to sob”, (299). Culver breaks down after the fact that his uncle has moved on sinks in. Jake was the only closest person he had to a father. Now, without that one father figure in his life, Culver feels lost. In Of Mice and Men, George, after shooting the one person that understood him the most, was left in shock and denial. The two, George and Culver, have lost the half of them that they will never be able to forget.
Jake is the one and only man in Culver’s life, who filled in the role of his fathers. He taught him valuable lessons such as to be independent and to not let anyone hold you back from your destiny. He wasn’t Superman or Spiderman, but he was a real man, who was true to himself and his nephew. For as long as he lives, Culver will always remember his Uncle’s memorable words.

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