Character Analysis of Thresh and Rue in The Hungar Games Essay

Character Analysis of Thresh and Rue in The Hungar Games Essay

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Most of the characters in The Hunger Games have strong personalities and unique individual traits; therefore I can strongly relate to Rue and Thresh. Reasons why I think Thresh are strongly related to me because he always isolated to other during the hunger game to survive and also have shows forgiveness to one that helped him before. For Rue’s reason why she is related to me is because she is fast and shy to people he don’t know.
One reason why I think I am most related to Thresh in The Hunger Games is because of his isolation between all the other contester. Since the beginning of the book, they did not talk much about Thresh and all we know about him is that he is huge and has dark skin. Even long after the game has started, we still did not know much about Thresh. It was not until the end of the game where he showed up to get his backpack, so he can have more supplies because when the game started most of the people is either dead, with someone, or in group. For example, Katniss and Rue are one team, and all other career tributes in one group. At that time, if you are not in a group or have a team mate, you most likely will be dead. Unlike the others, Thresh he manages to stay alive by himself and get a lot of food for himself. This shows that he is very isolated to everyone else while everyone is with someone in some point of the game. His isolation is similar to mine; even through I’m not as big as him and as skillful as him that isolation I can relate to. For example when I moved to Rosemead, I left behind all of my middle school friends and some of them were my very few best friends since I moved to America. After I moved to this new city, I thought I can make a lot of good new friends in this new school, but I was wrong ...

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...hen to this new math class where I know no one in it, so I was always sit alone at the corner of the class by myself in class. So during the semester pass by. I started to eardrop the group of people who sit in front of me when we have free time. So when they were talking about funny stuff I will slightly laugh with them too. Then time pass by they started to notice me too. One they it was like those free day again, and we have nothing to do so one of the girl in that group tell me to join them and I started having fun in that class since then. I was very happy that I had met them in that math class, because later on they helped me a lot in class. This shows that I was very shy too when I was in high school, very afraid to talk to anyone unless they approaches me. This shows that I am very similar to Rue from the book The Hunger Game.

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