Character Analysis of _Remember me_ Essay

Character Analysis of _Remember me_ Essay

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The previews for the movie Remember Me have you assuming that you will be once again watching a romantic drama, who’s two main characters Tyler (Robert Pattinson) and Ally(Emilie de Ravin) falls in love, with a few twists and turns and at last live happily ever after. Instead, we are confronted with two incredibly complicated characters whose lives unfold throughout the story. This film touches on the dynamics of grieving and the loss of a loved one and, how it affects every aspect of interpersonal relationships. It affirms our nation’s grief, personalizing the story and tragedy of 911 along with being a great tribute to those that were lost that day and all those that loved them.
. The character Tyler is an angry and confused 21-year-old that smokes too much, drinks too much and has no real plan for his future. The suicide of his older brother Michael has turned his world upside down; he blames the death on his father projecting all of his anger and guilt on to him. According to the Mental Health America, loss by suicide can be the most difficult kind of loss. The family survivors are left with feelings of guilt and anger about their loss. However, when grief becomes center stage of the survivor’s life; it becomes complicated grief, which is often experienced after a loss such as suicide. Complicated grief is like being stuck in an intense state of mourning having trouble accepting the death long after it has occurred and being so overwhelmed with the death that you fail to live your own life the grief undermines your other relationships. (America, 2011) When a family member dies, it forces a family to restructure and redefine itself. (Rycroft and Perlesz (2001) For Tyler this meant that his parents would divorce once agai...

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...all very personal and strong. Whether you were old enough to remember that day or not Remember is a must see film, in order to fully understand the very real and personal trauma our nation felt that day. Future generations need understand the personal stories that went along with each of the 2,996 lives that were lost that day, Remember Me does that in a quiet and respectful way.

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