Character Analysis of Lancelot in the Movie the First Knight Essays

Character Analysis of Lancelot in the Movie the First Knight Essays

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In the medieval time, knight was a really essential part of the society, because they protected people and prosperities for them. They are respected, and have good behavior. In order to keep the good reputation, people came up with the code of chivalry which lists all the qualities that a knight should have. The movie, First Knight is about a man named Lancelot who is good with sword. He saves the life of King Arthur’s wife, Guinevere, and his behavior captures King Arthur’s attention. Then, he is invited to join the knights of the round table of King Arthur. He goes to a public trial because he has an affair with Guinevere, but then Camelot got invaded. Lancelot killed Malagant, and saves the day. In this movie, Lancelot is a great knight, and he has plenty of quality that is in the code of Chivalry.
Courage is one of the most valuable qualities that Lancelot has, and that is what makes King Arthur’s notices his ability. Lancelot’s brave action gives him a good reputation in front of both King Arthur and Guinevere. When Lancelot is in the forest, he hears something went wrong with the carriage which Guinevere is in there. He sneaks in the forest where he is not familiar at all instead of leaving there as quick as he can, he saves Guinevere’s life. He knows that he is going to fight with many people, and he might get killed. But these factors do not stop him; on the contrary, he shows a lot of courage at this situation. That is what knights should do which is protecting poor and woman. Lancelot helps people when he feels that he is needed. When Guinevere is kidnapped again by Malagant, Lancelot sees it from a tower. He jumps straight into the sea, and tries to chase back the boat. Then, he finds that the group of people takes Gu...

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...s really grateful to Lancelot. King Arthur is curious about how Lancelot can he be so brave. Lancelot says that death for him is not really important as long as things they do is valuable. As a knight, he has faith for his job. He does not only care for his life, but also he thinks about things more selfless. King Arthur praises the excellent swordsmanship of Lancelot. All the things shows Lancelot is prowess, faithful and humility.
In this movie, Lancelot is the character who shows the good quality of a knight according to the code of chivalry. Lancelot is loyalty, brave, and he has prowess, faith and humility. People can learn from that knight is a well-respected occupation in the society in medieval time, and the standard to be a knight is also really strict. Everything Lancelot does helps to shape the glorified figure of a knight, and he does a fantastic job.

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