Character Analysis Of Hester Prynne 's ' The Scarlet Letter ' Essay

Character Analysis Of Hester Prynne 's ' The Scarlet Letter ' Essay

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Character Analysis Of Hester Prynne
Throughout all the sinful things Hester Prynne has done, she still managed to obtain good qualities. Hester was an adulterer from the book The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Hester was looked down upon by the citizens of Boston because of the sin she and another person committed, but no one knew who her partner in crime was because she refused to release his name. Towards the very end of the story Hester’s accomplice confessed and left Hester and Pearl feeling joyous, because now they didn’t have to keep in a secret. Hester is a trustworthy, helpful, and brave woman throughout The Scarlet Letter.
Hester was very trustworthy, she kept in secrets that could have possibly changed her and her daughter Pearl’s life. Hester faced two secrets, one was of a man named Roger Chillingworth and the other pertained to a man named Arthur Dimmesdale. Chillingworth was Hester’s previous marital partner, who asked Hester to keep his identity a secret. Chillingworth wanted his true identity to remain a secret because he did not want to face the scrutiny of ...

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