Essay on Character Analysis of Hamlet

Essay on Character Analysis of Hamlet

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Hamlet is the main character and protagonist in the play “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare. Hamlet is the Prince of Denmark. He is the son of Queen Gertrude and King Hamlet, who was murdered by his uncle Claudius. Hamlet is a very unique individual and handles many situations in unusual ways. Hamlet is an extremely intriguing and complex character that appears to change with every different perspective.
Shakespeare has done an absolutely fantastic job with capturing true human characteristics with Hamlet. Hamlet bounces back and forth with his emotions so inconsistently that one never knows what he is about to do next. One moment he is rational, and the next he is not. One moment he wants to plan things out, and then he does things spur of the moment. Shakespeare captures Hamlet’s character in such an essence that just when one feels like he or she knows Hamlet, he changes. The more one reads the text the more Hamlet comes to life and evolves.
A large portion of Hamlet being so humanistic and continuously evolving is all the external factors that play a role in his life. Although there are many different external factors that play a part in why Hamlet is the way he is, there are 3 major ones. The first and most influential one being his mother and her actions (Shakespeare, 2409-2500).
Hamlet feels “the family relationship is essentially annihilated” with his mom due to how she handled the death of his father (Snider, 67). Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother, re-marries extremely fast after her husband’s death. Not only that Hamlet feels that his uncle Claudius, who is the man his mother remarries, has extremely weak morals, but Hamlet also feels he is a completely bad person in general. Hamlet is so emotionally damaged by th...

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... to the population at large, not by being perfect, but by striving to do what he believed to be right.

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