Character Analysis Of Chuck Palahniuk 's Book Stranger Than Fiction : True Stories

Character Analysis Of Chuck Palahniuk 's Book Stranger Than Fiction : True Stories

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Chuck Palahniuk 's fiction is rich in its content and a challenging material for criticism. Almost all his novels focus on revolt against consumer culture. Ron Riekki says that "Palahniuk 's novels repeatedly take anti-capitalistic stances, mocking corporations, often destroying the symbols of capitalistic enterprise" (89). This chapter is devoted to the Marxist perspective of three of his novels. It handles Fight Club, Invisible Monsters and Choke as a postmodern example of men 's suffering from consumer capitalism. The three novels have common subtitles such as class struggle, alienation and the overdose of consumerism in America. Palahniuk seems to be interested in the culture of consumption. To consume involves feeling alienated and rejected. The themes that Palahniuk often tackles in his novels are suppression of individuality, anti-consumerism, rejection of faith, gender fight, solitude and the belief in nothingness. In his book Stranger than Fiction: True Stories, Palahniuk explains the similarities between his heroes. He says, "all my books are about a lonely person looking for some way to connect with people" (xv). The narrator of Fight Club consumes his soul and the narrator of Invisible Monsters consumes her beauty. Moreover, the protagonist of Choke consumes his machismo. In this chapter, the researcher is trying to defend Palahniuk as an author of reality. In this sense, he says: "Each time you create a character, you look at the world as that character, looking for the details that make that reality the one true reality" ("Stranger than Fiction" xxi). It is easily seen that the characters in each novel are really comfortable about their conversion. They continue fighting despite their cases. They prefer surviving rat...

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...range condition "to hit him as hard as he can" (46). Durden and the narrator create 'Fight Club ' in order to destroy the American capitalism. As the time goes by, lots of members join 'Fight Club '. 'Fight Club ' now is the official sponsorship of the American male. Finally, Durden makes the best use of fight club 's members by establishing Project Mayhem. It is like an organized force to bring civilization down. The narrator tries to stop Tyler, but he discovers that Tyler is not a separate person, he is a separate character. The narrator 's mental state was in its worst, so his mind fabricates a new personality to escape reality. In order to end all this, the narrator attempts to shoot his face. The novel ends with the members of Mayhem who work in the institution telling the narrator that their plans still continue, and they are expecting Tyler to come back.

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