Essay on Character Analysis: Blanche Dubois

Essay on Character Analysis: Blanche Dubois

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Tennessee Williams was a well known Modern English playwright. He was born in Columbus, Mississippi and moved to St. Louis, then to Memphis, and later graduated from the University of Iowa in 1983. Williams began to turn his short stories into plays and later on into films. His wildest audiences were in contemporary dramatic literature. Williams’s plays have been produced in England, France, Hally, Germany, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Cuba and Mexico. One of William’s most intriguing plays is Streetcar named Desire. Streetcar was produced around 1947. The “setting of Streetcar” is a combination of raw realism and deliberate fantasy” (Riddel 16). The main character of the play is Ms. Blanche Dubois, a widowed, middle age, “southern bell” hiding from her own reality. Stella, Blanche’s younger sister is married to an animal, Stanley Kowalski. Mitch, Stanley’s friend, is Blanche’s last chance at happiness that she will never reach. According to Joseph Riddel, “Life is a living division of two warring principles, desire and decorum, and she is the victim of civilizations attempt to reconcile the two in a morality” (17). In the play Blanche is stuck between two different worlds; one world in her own mind which is completely her own make believe fairytale of a perfect life she lives, and the real world of harsh reality. “Her indulgent past is a mixture of sin and romance, reality and illusion, the excesses of the self and the restraints of society” (Riddel 17). This world of illusion is her escape from the harsh reality of her real life situation. According to Ruby Cohn, “Blanche Dubois is trapped by the poverty of her imagery which reflects the poverty of her dreams” (82). In a Street...

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