Chapter 10 ( Tompkins ) : Organizing For Instruction Essay

Chapter 10 ( Tompkins ) : Organizing For Instruction Essay

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Chapter 10 (Tompkins) - “Organizing for Instruction” Review of Reading Questions
(*Please be aware that most items contain two or more items for discussion/answer)

What is a basal reading program, otherwise known as a comprehensive core curriculum? What, would you say, are a basal program’s strengths and weaknesses?

A basal reading program is a textbooks series that comes with a teacher’s edition and copies for each student. They include selection in grade-level textbooks, instruction about decoding and comprehension strategies and skills, workbook assignments, and independent reading opportunities. They also include lesson plans and step-by-step instructions for teaching reading strategies and skills. I would say a basal program’s strengths are that they provide student to read grade level text and the teacher can have resources to view and adapt for the needs of their students. They also provide a variety of assessment tools and they align with core standards! However, I recognize the lessons given in the book are not always appropriate for a teacher’s students, so it is unrealistic for teachers to only teach from basal reading programs. The weaknesses of the program are that they do not provide for the development of students’ background knowledge. I would also say the lessons and workbook questions can also be a weakness because they do not always relate and connect to the students’ learning and/or experiences and background knowledge.

What can teachers do supplement basal reading programs with authentic reading and writing activities?
Teachers do not have to follow the guidelines set out for them in basal reading programs. However, teachers can use them to get ideas and then adapt them in order for them to be more appro...

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...ose a book, but instead read it aloud to the children. While the teacher is engaging with a Literature Circle, the other students can read or write in their reading logs.

We have discussed guided reading during class the past few weeks. What NEW information have you learned related to guided reading while reading chapter 10?

I learned that guided reading can also be done with a partner, not just individually. I also learned that teachers spend a minute or two with each student. I always wondered how the time was broken up and if the teacher should spend more time with certain students, but I learned that the time should be focused on all students. I also learned that struggling readers meet with the teacher more times a week than students reading at grade level. Before reading this chapter, I just thought all groups met with the teacher three to five times a week.

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