Essay on Chapter 2 : Social Pathology And Perspectives

Essay on Chapter 2 : Social Pathology And Perspectives

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Chapter 2, Social Pathology and Perspectives, begin with Dr. Earl Rubington and Dr. Martin Weinberg explaining the origin of the concept of defining what to do about a Social Problem. This chapter discusses the organic analogy, child savers, and a universal criterion for pathology, how pathology is used in everyday life and the moral premise of social pathology.
The Concept of Social Problems
First, Rubington and Weinberg suggest that urbanization, around the 19th century, was the root cause of social problems. The migration of farmers and countrymen into the cities and factories created situations where there were migrations from inside and outside of the American borders created unstable conditions for living and working. This birthed the idea that these problems like a sick patient could be cured if studied. The book states that the middle-class activists and crusaders were the instrumental force behind defining what a social problem is/was. With the establishment and founding of the American Social Science Association (ASSA), the social problem definition and mission of the ASSA took flight. The ASSA did not last but spawned spin-offs for almost every type of social science discipline and the practices and knowledge gained by the initial formation of the association was widely spread and used throughout American universities and colleges. One of the more influential events that inspired American sociology was the progressive movement that consisted of four main principles: natural law, progress, social reform and individualism. The progressive movement promoted the beliefs of natural law, which is the morality that humans are born with and this morality can affect and keep our behavior in check and s...

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...ependent and work hard for what they wanted.
Moral Premises of Social Pathology
Dr. Carl M. Rosenquist doesn’t believe that making the analogy is sufficient and unsound – simply can’t be the same.
Normal Society
In a normal society, all members won’t ever function as robots or the same.
The Meaning of Pathology
Problems are not waiting to attack, they happen and it is okay to prepare but we (society) is not an organism like a body waiting to see the doctor to simply remove a cancerous cell. It is not that simple.
Concept of Normality
Moving around words to describe a healthy society or healthy body does not help either. Normal is defined from a society’s values and morals. The community makes the rules and if the community has well-established rules and regulations then they will flourish. Is the use of a medical term pathology valid?

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