Essay on Chapter Six - Freshman Year

Essay on Chapter Six - Freshman Year

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Chapter Six - Freshman Year

That homecoming dance was actually John and I’s first date. We had never gone out before then but to say the least it was an interesting night. I for one was the only girl in the group so I was socializing with boys the whole night, not a problem but I didn’t know what to expect, I grew up going to a Christian school for most of my life and had no idea what to expect from high school dances. I’ll admit I looked pretty good that night and was having so much fun!
I didn’t really know what John and I were, were we just friends hanging out or did he want to be my boyfriend? I did not know. So when it got to the slow dancing part we were swaying back and forth having a great time, but side note for this story I swear to god I am half deaf at least so while we were dancing he was trying to talk to me and I had no clue what he was saying. I literally just shook my head and nodded whenever I saw his lips moving. Also side note I didn’t know John had never kissed anyone before so the whole time we were slow dancing I was wondering if he was going to kiss me. So the whole time I was trying to make out what he was saying to me I kept wondering if he was saying we should kiss, so one time when he leaned in to talk to my ear because I said I couldn’t here him I went in for a kiss but very slyly avoided it. To this day I’m pretty sure he had no idea I was going in for a kiss. The night ended well and after that we decided to make it “official” and we became boyfriend and girlfriend.
So now that I was “officially” John’s girlfriend I set out to be the best girlfriend I could possibly be, so I thought I would start by getting John’s friends to like me. I didn’t really have any classes with any of his friends so at...

... middle of paper ... an end and I was gone for the entire summer so things were just at a stand still I would say. We were at what I would call a plateau in this relationship and I told myself that summer that when I came back I would ask Caleb Tenneson out whether scared little freshman me liked it or not.
Sad part to this story is that little freshman soon-to-be sophomore Maddy never got the chance, for her parents thought it was great timing to move again, but that didn’t stop anything from happening with this story.

Chapter Seven - Sophomore Year

We moved to Utah.
I hated everyone.
Found out I loved allstar cheer.
My mom asked me one time if I had a crush on anyone in school and I told her I did but he lived in Oregon and we didn’t talk much since we moved.
Swerved boys left and right and didn’t even know it.
That is all I have to say about sophomore year.

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