Chapter Reviews on Numerical Control, Automation, Robotics Essay

Chapter Reviews on Numerical Control, Automation, Robotics Essay

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The chapters of 21, 22, and 23 cover numerous things. Chapter 21 covers the following: defining numerical control, describing the difference between the incremental and absolute positioning methods, explaining how the numerical control (NC), the direct and/or distributed numerical control (DNC), and computer numerical control (CNC) systems operate and how computer-aid programming and manual programming is completed. Chapter 22 covers defining the term “industrial robot”, the term “automation”, describing several automated production systems (APS), and discussing the use of robotics in the APS. Chapter 23 covers the need for quality control, the difference between the two basic quality control techniques, how nondestructive testing works, and the methods for assuring quality control during and after machining.
In chapter 21, the material covered is numerical control, positioning methods, how the numerical control (NC), the direct and distributed numerical control (DNC), and the computer numerical control (CNC) works, and how computer and manual programming works. “Numerical control is not a machining process, but the operation of the machine tool by a series of coded instructions” (Walker, 2004, p. 399). The instructions from the NC have what is called alphanumeric data that is turned into electric current and then they can active the servo motors. They are connected to the machine’s feed and lead screws that provide the power for the cutter. The instructions tell the servos when to start, where they need to move, and how far they should move. The same program controls the feed rate, the cutter speed, the coolant flow, and sometimes even the tool changes.
The NC has turned into CNC and is both form of DNC. CNC is what is us...

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...fluorescent penetrant inspection, which is when the part is covered with a solution that when a developer is applied, shows the flaws under a black light. There is also spotcheck, which also uses a black light, but is coated in red liquid dye that when is whipped off it shows it is similar to the fluorescent penetrant inspection. There is also ultrasonic testing which is when sound waves are used to test for defects in the part. Inspection by laser is another method, the laser detects tool wear and tries to compensate for it. This is an effort ot prevent the imperfections of parts of even happening. The eddy current inspection is based around the fact that resistance in the coils is caused by imperfections in the part. There are a few different eddy current tests that help with the inspection and completion of the part and maintaining the effort of quality control.

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