Chapter 12 : Psychological Disorders Essay

Chapter 12 : Psychological Disorders Essay

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Chapter 12 is over psychological disorders. This chapter discusses the meaning of the word abnormal and different approaches to understanding abnormal behavior. Abnormal behavior is deviant, maladaptive, or personally distressing over a long period of time. Deviant behavior is atypical or unusual behavior. Maladaptive behavior is behavior that interferes with one’s ability to function effectively. Personally distressful behavior over a long period of time is behavior that makes engaging with normal behaviors stressful.
There are four approaches to psychological disorders discussed in the book. The biological approach attributes psychological disorders to organic internal causes. The biological approach focuses mainly on the brain, genetic factors, and neurotransmitter functions as the source of abnormality. The medical model is the view that psychological disorders are medical diseases with a biological base. The psychological approach says that the contributions of experiences, thoughts, emotions, and personality characteristics in defining psychological disorders. Childhood experiences, personality traits, and learning cognitions are all things psychologist focus on when trying to define a psychological disorder. The sociocultural approach emphasizes on the social aspects of a person such as gender, ethnicity, family relationships, and culture. The biopsychosocial model is an approach that stresses biological factors, psychological factors, and sociocultural act in a combination with each other. Psychologists use the DSM-IV to classify psychological disorders. There are five Axes of DSM-IV including Axis I all diagnostic categories except personality disorders and mental retardation, Axis II Personality disorders and mental re...

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... people say “I have OCD” I can explain to them what OCD really is and tell them it’s not just organizing your things. Also when people say they have a phobia of something that they don’t actually have a phobia of I will be able to explain to them it’s just a fear. An example of OCD would be, Jessica has to lock her door and test to make sure she locked her door 17 times before she leaves the house. An example of a phobic disorder would be, Annabelle has xenophobia, the fear of strangers, she rarely goes out in public and when she does she makes her parents come with her to guard her from the strangers.
Learning about psychological disorders and how they are caused changed my perspective on them. The stigma that comes with it can make people feel bad about something they can’t control, and that made me realize people with psychological disorders can be normal people.

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