Chapter One: The Interrogation Essay

Chapter One: The Interrogation Essay

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"Come on, Danielle," said the senior officer as he tried to coax the truth out of Danielle. As far as she was concerned, it wasn't going to happen. "Who killed Jerome Stevenson? We'll apprehend them, and lock them up for good if only you'll coöperate."

The chair was cold and hard, Danielle noticed when she took a seat on the chair in the interrogating room. How many other people had sat in this same chair? Some convicted for murder, others completely innocent. The thought sent chills down her spine. There were no other chairs but the padded 5-wheel swivel chair that the slender senior officer sat in which forced Danielle's sister, Vanessa, to stay standing. Danielle momentarily pitied her but then she remembered how uncomfortable the chair was and all thoughts of pity vanished.

The low, dimly lit, fluorescent light glared down at her and the walls of the room made her claustrophobic - she figured the interior design was another method to make the person being interrogated feel pressured and spill out all their dirty little secrets. Along with the metal door that probably prevented sound from escaping and the one-way mirror (window) with a couple of police officers positioned safety behind it. If she hadn't known they were police officers she might have found the set up awfully suspicious.

"Just tell us and you'll _potentially_ save a lot of lives." The senior officer positioned his bony hand on Danielle's shoulder in what might have meant to be a comforting gesture but only made her groan within herself. She regarded it with deep aversion, and distinctively noticed how the pale flesh stretching over his skeleton-like fingers like a glove; the extra skin folding into wrinkles on the dorsal surface of his hand. She didn't ...

... middle of paper ...

...e could share with anyone. No one would understand.

When she tuned back into the conversation she noticed that they were still arguing, she thought they'd have been done by now. Vanessa talking about the interrogation techniques and the detective explaining that she is just trying to make trouble. She finally found the courage to talk and was surprised to find herself saying in a monotonous tone, "Excuse me, but are we done here?"

The two looked at her in surprise. Quickly recovering the detective checked his watch and was surprised to discover they had spent over an hour locked up in the interrogating room. "I would suppose so. It is pretty late. Well, you're free to go. I'll escort you out."

Danielle got out of her chair and stood beside Vanessa. As they were escorted out Vanessa whispered to Danielle, "Finally, the man just doesn't know when to shut up."

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