Essay about Chapter 8 Of Through The Eyes Of A Child By Donna E. Norton

Essay about Chapter 8 Of Through The Eyes Of A Child By Donna E. Norton

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The main objectives in chapter 8 of Through the Eyes of a Child by Donna E. Norton are rhythmic patterns of language and teaching with poetry. Under the first main objective the chapter coved value of poetry for children. Poetry playa very important role in educating children because they bring and learn new understanding of the world they live in. Children share feelings, experiences, and visions with others through poetry. Poetry has so many values, but I will only mention some to get the idea of the value of poetry in our world today. Poetry brings enjoyment to the children when they hear and share nonsense poems. For example, Mother Goose rhymes and tongue twisters, (Norton 311). Another value is that it educated children and teach them about the difference between colors, numbers, sizes, and time. Poetry also helps children learn about people and about life situations. Poetry is very broad and no definition can defined it except to say that it’s a form of aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language. Everyone had a definition to it. Some people say that it’s an expression of feelings or a rhyme of words that sound very colorful and song like sounds. All correct poems or “true poems” must have a form, meter, and rhythm to them or else it’s not a correct and well-formed poem. Some poetry authors also defined poetry in their own way. For example, Margaret Mahy defined poetry in her short story ‘The Cat Who Became a Poet” and said, “I became a poet through eating the mouse. Perhaps the mouse became a poet through eating seeds. Perhaps all this poetry stuff is just the word’s way of talking about itself’ (p.19)” (Norton 313).
Narrative poetry is the most preferred type of poetry to the minds and feelings of children. Children...

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..., ballads are repeated lines of four and three beats that tell a story as well. Limericks are five-line poems that has strict rhyme scheme in them. The third and fourth lines are usually shorter than the other three. Concrete alone means something that can be seen and touched. Therefore, concrete poems are poems that can be shaped into any form of picture. Haiku poems have three unrhymed lines. The first line has five syllables, the second line has seven, and the third line has five. Finally sijo is three lines long and an averaging of 14-16 syllables per line. Nonsense poems are poems that made up and are nonsensical in nature. The words have lesser sense then what it means in the line or it has no meaning. Or some real words are used but don’t make any sense in the poem. They have very simple rhyming scheme in them that make them very lighthearted to the readers.

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