Essay about Chapter Notes for Pride and Prejudice

Essay about Chapter Notes for Pride and Prejudice

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Chapter notes for Pride and Prejudice

Chapter 1
A rich man moves into the neighborhood and Mrs. Bennet wants Mr. Bennet to visit with the long-term goal of marrying off one of her five daughters. Mr. Bennet tells her that he will not visit Mr. Bingley.

Chapter 2
Mr. Bennet eventually goes and meets with Mr. Bingley being the first neighbor to do so. He does not tell his wife right away that he has met him, but when he finally does, the girls get excited about Mr. Bingley’s supposed return visit.

Chapter 3
Mr. Bingley returns the visit but when Mrs. Bennet invites him over to dinner, he says that he will be out of town. He comes back from London with his two sisters, his-brother-in-law, and a rich gentleman named Darcy. They all go to a ball and during the ball Mr. Bingley suggests that Darcy dance with Elizabeth but he turns her down saying “she is tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me”. This makes the neighborhood not like Darcy.

Chapter 4
Jane lets on to Elizabeth that she likes Mr. Bingley and Elizabeth tells her she doesn’t know of her beauty. Mr. Bingley inherited a lot of money from his dad, and Darcy also has money but isn’t as sociable as Mr. Bingley and while Bingley liked the ball Darcy did not.

Chapter 5
One of the neighbor families of the Bennets is the Lucas. Elizabeth and Charlotte are good friends. After the ball the families talk about Mr. Bingley, who they determine thinks Jane is the prettiest. The families then talk about Mr. Darcy who they decided they don’t like.

Chapter 6
Mr. Bennet’s sisters, Mrs. Hursts and Miss Bingley spend time with Elizabeth and Jane. Elizabeth sees that Jane likes Mr. Bingley, but Charlotte believes that Jane should let this fact on to Mr. Bingley m...

... middle of paper ... Lizzy again if she doesn’t accept Mr. Collins proposal, while Mr. Bennet says the opposite. Then Charlotte comes and Mr. Collins takes back his proposal.

Chapter 21
The girls go to Meryton the next day and Mr. Wickham walks Elizabeth back. Mr. Wickham meets Elizabeth’s parents. A letter is received about Mr. Bingley’s intentions to marry Georgiana Darcy. Elizabeth tells her mom that Mr. Bingley is out of town.

Chapter 22
Mr. Collins proposes to Charlotte and she says yes. She feels that he is rich while she is not. Mr. Collins tells the Bennets that he will be back, and they think he plans to marry one of the other sisters, but Charlotte tells Elizabeth the news. This shocks Elizabeth.

Chapter 23
Mrs. Bennet doesn’t take this news well. No word is heard from Mr. Bingley. Mrs. Bennet fears that Charlotte will kick the girls out after Mr. Bennet dies.

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