Chapter Four Of Ayers Book Essay

Chapter Four Of Ayers Book Essay

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Chapter four of Ayers book tells the story of an advanced placement biology class with a achievement gap that may result in students losing college prerequisite requirements. The new teacher Mr. Korshak faces a dilemma when twenty percent of his students are failing the first semester of the sophomore Advanced Placement biology class. At first teachers believed that science and math were clear cut subjects where studying produces the understanding needed to be successful in the class. Unfortunately, those twenty percent of failing students will not be able to apply to college in the upcoming year. Some teachers thought that the twenty percent of students forced to drop the course would make the classroom environment more productive for the other eighty percent of students who are not failing the class. Parents and students were upset at the large achievement gap in the class where students were either performing very poorly or extremely well. Parents, teachers, and administrators agreed to implement a Biology Mastery Project where failing students are invited to an additional class after school for three days a week. Backup lessons were taught by Mr. Korshak to the failing students and still they managed to still under perform on the exams although the student excelled and understood materials on homework and classwork. With the help of two well performing students Mr. Korshak found language to be the inhibitor to his students success. He discovered that his African American and Latino students struggled to do well on exams due to the way the questions were framed. The language barrier between the middle class white teacher and lower class minority students created the false illusion of failure, misunderstanding, and laziness in t...

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...ound for themselves. The point of this exercise was for Ayers to show that unique perspective is what makes all of us human in the way we communicate.
Our guest speaker spent the entire class teaching us the different types of communications and which styles of communication are generally successful and which promote toxic argument. He taught us that conversation that involves listening and stating messages of how an individual personally feels avoids most conflict because perspective is hard to argue with. Our perspective and narratives we tell say a lot about ourselves as special individuals. Without perspective there wouldn 't be a difference between Waiting for Superman and The Inconvenient Truth About Waiting for Superman. The shift of the narrative instills that the only truth is that truth must be sought after and lies in a multifaceted dimension in reality.

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