Essay on Chapter 7: Findings and Conclustions

Essay on Chapter 7: Findings and Conclustions

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7.1. Chapter Introduction
This chapter makes some conclusions from this study, which drawn from chapter 1 to chapter 6.This research aims to spread a knowledge on the circumstances of user satisfaction and adoption of a WPS using the TPB framework. The study move toward AP using CI approaches on measuring success in WP to bridge from US using IS theories as an establishing approaches. Since IS study is comprised from many discipline such as marketing, social psychology, economics, computer sciences, and etc., this research proposed operationalized, and empirically examine a comprehensive, frugal model that explains and predicts three dimension of user’s behavior toward adoption of a WPS and technology: acquiring information, giving personal details for personalized features, and navigating through personalized Website.

7.2 Research Findings and insights
This study presented that success dimension of a WPS from US perspective can be viewed from three focal user’s behaviors. Acquiring information from a personalized Website involves the transfer of required information of interest from Web pages via server to a user. Information of interest may relate to what users expect to find from a personalized Website. For instance, products and prices from commercial personalization, recommendation of friends and potential networking in social networking and dating services, fully control of Web pages including the contents, themes and news in architectural personalization.

Giving information refers to the transfer of information from user to the personalized services both explicit and implicit approaches, for providing personalized features. Implicit information such as demographic data (e.g. na...

... middle of paper ...

...f success view from personalized system, vendors and users adoption can be conceptualized and managed effectively in order to develop a success personalized system.
• Conceptualize model for capturing personalized features in CMS can be used by Web developers and Web designers.
• The use and manage an open source survey system such as lime survey, can be used for administrating survey online.

7.2. Implications for research
Theoretical Benefits
• The potential three prominent IS theories extension in measuring success in Web personalization.
• The extension of the theory of planned behavior (TPB) in particular measuring success evaluation in Web personalization.
• The constructs that defined success based on the TPB framework for measuring success
• The validated model of success evaluation in Web personalization, by employing the PLS.

7.3. Limitations

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